Surety Program Management System

In addition to the expertise of our service team, we also offer Surepath to our clients. Surepath is our online automated system that allows us to customize and track various aspects of our client’s surety program. We have found this to be a very effective program management tool creating tremendous value for our clientele.

Many of our competitors have chosen to implement a proprietary system for program monitoring that forces the client to conform to their system. We felt we could provide more value to our clients by providing a platform that could be tailored to the needs of the client.

Surepath allows you, the client, to customize over forty fields of information to suit your needs including bond runs of outstanding liability, run-off of expiring bonds and annualized premium expenditures. It even provides the ability to request new bonds. The system is accessed online and our staff can quickly train your team members on how to pull pertinent reports off of the system as well as how to order new bonds. Furthermore, it can play a critical role of centralizing program management across several office locations by providing specific individuals, who are granted access to the system, access to necessary information online from any location with an Internet connection. Surepath is password protected so that you have the ability to control access to only those individuals authorized to use the system.

Surepath is offered as a tool to help provide you with critical information regarding your overall surety program and is provided through McGriff at no cost to our business partners.


  • Mark Edwards
    Sr. Vice President - Surety
    (205) 581-9427